Cognac: Eau De Vie, The Water of Life

Whilst not for the faint hearted, Cognac is still recognised as one of the finest grape derived spirits of all time. Cognac is, in principle, a type of Brandy and its exceptional sophistication derives from the fact that its luxurious label can only be applied if it was produced in the Cognac region of Western France. Hennessy is one of the world-leading brands of Cognac and is the drink of choice for Asia’s new rich; in fact 80% of Hennessy’s profits come from that particular corner of the world. Ironically the French aren’t all that enthusiastic over their home-turf drink and prefer to opt for a cheeky scotch! 


Having found its place amongst eager devotees, London-based photographic and filmmaking duo, Warren & Nick, have captured its sophistication in all its glory and here at Studio Invisible we had the pleasure to retouch the campaign.

Cognac is finally having its much-deserved moment around the globe especially with the likes of the momentous Kanye West having a penchant for this particular tipple (we heard this through the grapevine!).

As the drink of choice for Winston Churchill, next time you have a dinner party raise your guests’ eyebrows in the same indisputable style by revealing to them that Hennessy’s greatest client was, in fact, the former North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il who allegedly spent around $1 million per year on the sweetly burnt nectar. Sip on that.

Whether on the rocks, in a cocktail, or straight up Hennessy’s rich and inviting beverage is certainly a delight to the palate. Whilst perhaps not everyone’s cup of tea we can definitely agree that Warren & Nick have done a spectacular job in capturing the versatility of the refined and distilled white wine. 

As with all alcohol, Studio Invisible urges you to please drink responsibly