Out browsing for winter coats and spotted some of our retouching for Superdry in their

Islington store. 


It's always great to see our work in situe, especially in such an interesting historical building.


Built in 1850 as a tram shed, it was used as a stop for a commuter service into the city until the



Since then, the building has had a number of uses. 


It was converted to an electricity substation which remained active until the 1970s, before

closing, leaving the building derelict for some years.


It reopened in 1979 as The Mall Antiques Arcade, which housed over 35 different dealers on

several floors, making Angel a destination for antiques shopping.


Although The Mall closed in 2008, the legacy of antiques shopping in the area continues

today in the neighbouring Camden passage.


After a brief stint as a Jack Wills shop, it became Superdry in 2014.