'Never Be Too Wise To Cry'

This powerful documentary photography story features in the debut issue of True Photo

Journal, a platform which 'showcases the unpublished personal projects of established and

emerging photographers.'

Photographer Boo George returned to his native Ireland in March 2015 to photograph

acclaimed Irish American writer J. P. Donleavy at his home in Levington Park, County


J. P. Donleavy was born in New York and moved to Ireland in 1946, aged 20.


His most well known novel, 'The Ginger Man', has sold more than 45million copies - extracts of

which can be read on the True Photo Journal website here


The series offers a snapshot of the author's life and personal possessions which fill the

sprawling country estate.  

Boo George captures the peeling walls, long corridors and vast collections of books which

dominate the writer's home, as well as candid portraits of Donleavy himself.


The black and white images are quiet, yet seem to hint at the stories contained within the

lifetime's worth of objects they represent. 


Photography: Boo George

Featured in: True Photo Journal

Subject: J. P. Donleavy

Location: Levington Park, County Westmeath, Ireland.

Retouching: Studio Invisible