Amongst the dusty and wild plains of South Africa, photographer Oliver Pearce invites us to romantically peak into a time warp of luxury and romance. Set on the grounds of Kersefontain House, a national monument and hotel on the banks of the Berg River, model Clara McSweeney enchantingly embodies the fearless spirit of the wilderness with fragility and grace  - a desert rose.


Delicate lace and sheer fabrics fuse with toughened leathers and tribal accessories, complimenting the timeless backdrop of no-mans land, a reminder of how far removed we’ve become from our ancestral and native selves.

Oliver Pearce’s work speaks for itself. Through his use of light play, ethereal tones, and whimsical settings we are magically transported to a colourful land reminiscent of The Lion king, even if just for a moment.


The editorial envelops you in a picturesque haze where its never-ending sky wrestles with the dry and fractured land below, both impatiently waiting for the spring months when the flowers will finally peak through the cracks reminding us of the wholesome beauty and power of nature


Photography: Oliver Pearce

Styling: Thea Lewis-Yates

Make-up: Carolyn Gallyer at CLM using Nars

Hair: Gow Tanaka using Bumble & Bumble

Model: Clara McSweeney at Elite

UK Production: Prana Production

SA Production: Jason Williams

Retouching: Studio Invisible

Photography assistance: Daniel Hack

Styling assistance: Kate Sinclair

Location: Kersefontain House, Hopetown, South Africa.